What People Say

Evaluations from conferences, workshops, and groups (ranging from 5-10 to several thousand) overwhelmingly affirm the effectiveness of TBA. Our consultants are knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining communicators who teach and encourage participants how to make a difference--individually and collaboratively-- for their institutions and organizations, regardless of their position or status.

Tom’s work helped position us for our accreditation review and the glowing reviews we received for our focus on student success. He possesses deep knowledge of the issues and has the great ability to reveal and distill this knowledge in ways that are comprehensible and compelling. Tom Brown leads his audience to embrace students success as a mark of institutional distinction. He has the capacity to transmit knowledge and strategies with effectiveness, enthusiasm, grace and humor.  His style produces trust and a sense of the possible.

Dr. Paul Zingg, President, California State University Chico

We found Tom Brown’s ability to engage the entire college community in a year long conversation to reimagine our new advising and retention strategy to be very helpful. We credit Tom’s work as being the primary factor influencing the increase in our retention and persistence rates. Our fall to winter retention increased for 68% to 91%. The biggest and most reward data point was for our students of color, [which] is a long way from where it was when Tom began working with us.

Dr. Tim Stokes, Executive Vice-President for Academic & Student Affairs, Tacoma Community College

Our campus community was challenged and supported by Thomas Brown & Associates and we have grown and progressed as a result. Tom Brown understands diversity as much more than race and ethnicity.  He took our faculty and staff on a tremendously powerful personal and professional journey of information, self-exploration, and meaningful dialogue.  He displayed a profound grasp of issues and challenges.  A review of evaluations found 93.4% rated the workshops as extremely helpful or helpful, and all but one respondent said they “would recommend the workshop to colleagues.”  Remarkable!  He has made a lasting difference in the life of our College. 

 Dr. John Halstead, President, SUNY Brockport

We retained Tom Brown’s services to provide professional development to faculty, administrators, and staff as a part of the overall WASC assessment in the area of student advising and retention.  His work was stellar; and, his ability to motivate university faculty and staff, even the most resistant of them, is remarkable.  Here is a man who understands “leadership” as getting folks to do what they really don’t want to do through gently guiding them to their ownership of ideas and action.

Dr. Alden Reimonenq, Dean, College of Arts Letters and Social Science California State University, Hayward

 Tom Brown  is amazing!   He designed a professional development enrichment program and presentation for Santa Monica College employees which helped to reinforce appreciation for the richly diverse environment that makes this community college a premier institution.  Well prepared and totally tailored to diversity awareness and appreciation, Tom's keen knowledge of his topic and engaging personality effectively impacted over 900 participants.

Marcia Wade, Vice President, Human Resources, Santa Monica College

I appreciate the work you did to help facilitate our Board retreat. All of my board members who participated, as well as the Chancellor and Presidents, gave very positive feedback. I look forward to our next steps of drafting our 5-year strategic plan.

Launa Wilson, Executive Director, Riverside Community College Foundation  

I came to the symposium without enthusiasm and left with a decided 'attitude adjustment,' largely owing to you, your personality, and the clarity and persuasion of your presentation . . . one of the most masterful examples of teaching to which I've been treated in many a year. 

Dr. Herbert M. Eder, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Hayward

Thank you again for an amazing presentation and workshop on Friday!  I have heard nothing but positive comments.  It’s quite an achievement to get a standing ovation from our jaded group of faculty and staff! 

Mary Sandberg, Professional Development Coordinator Santa Rosa JC

Your presentation ... wow. I must tell you, you blew people away. I had so many wonderful comments from folks all across campus. “Transformative” was the word one of my most trusted colleagues used.

Jason S. Boyd, University of Washington

I cannot find the words to express my thanks for the superb presentations you presented offered. With over 14 years in the area of diversity you are one of the most exceptional presenters I have had the pleasure to experience. The information you provided was comprehensive and true without being 'threatening' to listeners learning about issues of inclusion for the first time or those who are somewhat cautious when discussing these issues.

Dr. Shari J. Clarke, Vice President for Student Affairs, Marshall University

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The past two days were all I could have hoped for – faculty, staff, administrators and students have told me all day how much they enjoyed your presentations, and the ideas you generated have been flying out across our email network since early this morning. Right now, I am thinking ahead as to how to follow up and take advantage of the momentum you created.

Carol Templeman, Baldwin Wallace College

Your leadership and encouragement were outstanding and validated people's enthusiasm.... [and] has already resulted in a new campus-level committee as a forum for advisors from all units to work together on professional development and common issues.

Scott Evenbeck, Dean University College, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

One participant came up to me immediately after your keynote speech and told me, "I've been to four of your conferences, and Tom Brown was the best speaker I've heard." The rave reviews continued to pour in over the next day and a half. You are an extremely sincere, passionate, and compassionate communicator.

John Gardner, Founder, National Resource Center for the First Year Experience

Your recommendations hit the bull's-eye in identifying obstacles and areas of work which impinge on our progress on diversity issues. Your list of relevant recommendations have provided a legitimacy that we could not have obtained without your professionalism and expertise."

Professor Cyd Jenefsky, former Chair Diversity Affairs Council
John F. Kennedy University

A big huge THANK YOU to you and for a highly successful Diversity Symposium at Harper College.  The campus is still abuzz and we have heard nothing but positive feedback.  Your team is incredible!

Amy Vogelsgang & Christine Wade, Chair and Vice Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Shared Governance Committee

I already filled out the survey but wish I had said more about the speaker Thomas Brown. He said some things that really hit home for me both personally and professionally and it has actually started a chain reaction that is starting to change my life.  I've already been able to do so much good and prior to listening to him I was pretty discouraged

Staff member, Contra Costa Community College District