Informing, inspiring, and empowering individuals, groups and institutions to understand what they must know, do and be in order to achieve their visions and goals. We offer consultation and professional development to address issues such as the following:

  • Increase student retention, engagement and success, especially for students at greater risk for dropping out
  • Strengthen academic advising and student services programs
  • Develop and facilitate diversity/inclusivity programs for faculty, administrators, classified staff, and students
  • Develop and faciliate cultrual competence programs for oragnizations and insitutions
  • Develop and implement international student programs and services
  • Develop and motivate faculty and staff
  • Build collaborative teams and communities
  • Motivate students to share responsibility for success
  • External reviews for US Department of Education Title V grants
  • Accreditation preparation and response
  • Executive search and coaching for diverse faculty and staff