Media Development and Presentations

 Recent Projects

Facilitated a retreat workshop for the Chancellor's Cabinet at a public university as they work to develop a campus-wide, student-centered approach to increasing retention.

Planned and implemented a retreat for the President and Executive Staff at an adult-serving university to focus the leadership team on the challenges of creating a diversity plan consistent with their specific institutional mission, programs, and limited resources.

Assisted dean-level staff at a public research university to develop an assessment plan for academic services programs that would gain broad support for assessment from major stakeholders (i.e., faculty, administrative leadership).

Provided a yearlong series of workshops for faculty and staff at a predominantly white high school that is seeking to increase the enrollment of minority students, while creating a campus that is more inclusive and supportive for all of community members.

Facilitated team-building workshops for frontline administrative and clerical staff in the Enrollment Management unit of a public research university.

Facilitated a series of faculty and staff development workshops at Title V institutions to enable them to respond more effectively to an increasingly Latino/Hispanic and first generation immigrant student body.

Facilitated a staff development program for student Resident Assistants, which was specifically designed to rebuild trust and confidence following a series of emotionally charged campus conflicts.

Assisted the principal and staff at a charter high school to develop a college counseling program for their students, most of whom are from at-risk backgrounds.

Motivational orientation speaker for a group of first-generation college students.

Planned and implemented a development workshop for recent college graduates who serve as teachers, volunteers, and staff at inner city schools and community programs in the US, Mexico and Caribbean.

Worked with a major foundation board to assess their responsiveness to their constituent communities and assisted them to devise a plan for increasing Board diversity.

Facilitated a workshop for a state university to support department chairs in their efforts to recruit a more diverse faculty.


Media Development and Presentations

Faculty and Staff Development Presentation Examples
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Issues in Academic Advising
(Interview with Tom Brown)
Dr. Lynn Wild, Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning
Rochester Institute of Technology
November 2002

Advice That Matters: What Do Students Hear and Remember?
Tom Brown Plenary Session Address
2003 Freshman Year Experience National Conference
Power Point Presentation

Campus Collaborations to Foster Retention
National Video Conference

Advising Students of Color
Academic Advising for Student Success
Advisor Training Video Program
USA Group Noel Levitz

Faculty Advisor Training Program
NACADA Video Training Task Force, 1996

Embracing Parents and Families: Strategies for Student Success
National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience
2003 Teleconference Series